Robert Lillemäe

Nice guy Robert hails from Sweden and was our first artist.  A trance king, Robert is a producer and DJ of some repute!

His music is creative, unique and accessible for all ears.  Despite smashing out trance tunes, Robert's music has softer elements too, making his music enjoyable for a wide range of listeners.


Listen to his bangers and connect with Robert below.



Alex Rome

Alex Rowe, known as ARowe, is a young EDM and Hip Hop producer working out of a New York City home studio.

He has been working on the music scene for three years, and is also a well-versed DJ. One might describe his style as modern, dynamic, and creative.

Find out more about ARowe below.



Sycotik is a UK based producer that loves making a banger!  Syko primarily produces house and big-room, similar to Mike Williams or Hardwell.

Having been ghost producing for several years under various pseudonyms, he has finally decided on a name and is about to blow up the club music scene!


Read more below.




Grime and DnB producer, THUMPA is known for hard drops and exciting drums.

Nicknamed after a cartoon bunny (because his leg bounces up and down while he is producing) this producer has worked with several artists already and will soon be releasing a DnB EP.