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We’re delighted to announce we have teamed up with some of our favourite producers to offer our supporters some high quality FREE beats! 

Recent addition to the PT family is DnB and Grime producer, Thumpa.  We are over the moon he has agreed to offer something back to our supporters in the shape of some high quality FREE beats!

With styles ranging from hard grime to chilled out old skool hip hop – there is something for everyone and the best thing is they are all high quality WAV files.



Thumpa, who’s beats are available for lease and purchase here, is an active DJ and a keen member of the underground music scene.  With several years of ghost production under his belt, his tunes are a mixture of beautifully euphoric and earth shockingly hard!

‘Music has always been my life and i’m lucky to make some money from it.  The best feeling is making people feel something with your tunes, sadness, happiness anything.  As long as it is something, then I’m happy.  I make music in my home studio and I literally skank out on my studio and I love making other people feel the same!

Check out Some of Thumpa’s Beat Artwork Below!

Beats are currently available via Psychedelic Tiger’s Soundcloud Page via the free download option!







‘These beats bang but I’m not sure how long we’ll keep them up for free download, so grab them now!  The free of tags and are mastered really well!’ – Gareth Johnson, Founder , Psychedelic Tiger



In other news, Thumpa is due to have a DnB E.P. released later this year.  We checked in with him to see how he’s getting on…



‘I’ve made like 8 songs already, I want maybe 4/5 on the E.P. so I’ve set myself a cutoff date and after that date I’m gonna choose the best tunes!



‘In terms of the tunes, there is a mix.  The world has gone a bit made for foghorn neuro stuff, which, I like and make.  But, it comes a point for me like, that’s not music, it’s too samey.  My first love was jungle, but my true love is liquid.  So there’s probably gonna be a few liquid tracks on there!’



All exciting her at PT with the usually mixing and mastering going on behind the scenes as well as beat making, we’re having a great time and we hope you guys enjoy what we’re trying to do!


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