Streetwear Shop Now Open

We’re delighted to announce our print – on – demand streetwear store is now open!

We have been busy recently working on various music projects such as Thumpa’s new DnB E.P. as well as Sycotik’s new big room tune dedicated to Avicii.


However, the time has come for our clothing line to take its next step!  We’ve teamed up with Spreadshirt to provide a print – on – demand service.


Each garment is unique and has been created by us hear at Psychedelic Tiger, however, due to our busy schedule and logistical challenges we are delighted to be using Spreadshirt as our printers.


They’re leaders in the industry and are renowned for providing exceptional service as well as goods.


We do the designing, they do the printing and delivering – it’s as simple as that!





We have a range of garments available ranging from mens, womens and even some accessories such as hats and mugs.  With each design being based around dance music and the emphasis on community, our clothing is the staple of the underground scene.  With each graphic indicating to the world you’re a member of the Psychedelic Tiger crew.


There is currently a sale on so don’t wait to get your goodies!

Check out the link below for the ultimate rave wear….

Streetwear Shop

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