With a Little Help From My Friends

This morning, owner, Gareth Johnson was joined in the studio by his friends and colleagues.

Gareth Johnson (owner of Psychedelic Tiger), Hannah Plumridge (student), Kyle Blake (teacher), Bobby Corkish (teacher) and Harvey Rees (student) are all members of the World No.1 ranked brass band – The Cory Band.

The Cory Band are currently being filmed by the BBC for a documentary that is soon to be aired on S4C (Welsh TV channel).  Rondo Media, the TV company, have been following several members of Cory for the past month documenting players lives inside and out of the band rehearsal room.

“The guys from Rondo Media have been interviewing me for some time now, they even filmed at my last event ‘Delirium.  They asked if they could film me producing in the studio and I suggested roping some of my mates in to get involved.  It just so happened I had a house track that needed some brass lines!” – Gareth Johnson

Filmed at Eastmoors Youth Centre Studio, each of the members took a turn in the recording booth to improvise some fills whilst the track was running.  Whilst producer Gareth mixed the recordings down.

“These are some of the best young musicians in the area, it was a pleasure to work with them.  However, most of all I’m glad to call them my mates!” – Gareth Johnson

Despite never trying anything like it before the players took to it with the usual camaraderie you’d expect and the results are excellent!

“I really enjoyed it, it was totally different!” – Kyle Blake

“EDM house music and tenor horn, how ridiculous is that!” – Harvey Rees

The track will be completed soon, however, below, is a small preview of what’s in store!


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