'Intelligent, creative producer, mixing light and dark with exquisite taste'



Based in the UK, THUMPA has ghost produced for several years working with many rappers and artists.


After taking a break from music, he is back and is knocking out beats all over the gaff!


Nicknamed after the cartoon bunny (due to his 'thumping' knee, that constantly moves when producing) THUMPA's music is anything but bunny like.  With a flair for mixing light and dark, specialising in hard drops that shake the walls.


THUMPA primarily produces underground music such as trap, grime and DnB.  In fact, were proud to announce he will be releasing a DnB E.P. in the coming months, so keep your ears to the ground for that release.


Album Cover Art for Thumpa's DnB E.P.


We've teamed up with Thumpa for our mixing and mastering, as well as using his knowledge in our talent pool and help nurture our artists.


Despite not using social media, part of the reason he gave up music several years ago, he sells his beats online, check them out at the bottom of this page!


Or if you like to follow our SoundCloud page, check them out there!



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